SEO Link Building Quality level:
How visible is your site? Is your profile authoritative? If you can’t answer questions like these with the upmost confidence, then a trusted link building company can help. One of the biggest Google ranking factors in search remains links, and the right link building partner can help you amass high quality links through content development, outreach, and digital PR.


Any reputable link building service knows that one of the main focuses must be link authority. Unscrupulous link building tactics like link farms are things of the past. Today, quality is paramount when it comes to link authority. Whether it be for SEO or as a source of quality and targeted traffic, link building services understand it’s important for authority websites to link to your site.


Links are not just one dimensional, however. Are you linking with content that’s relevant to your niche or industry? Search engines use the content between linked webpages to correlate ideas and topics between websites. So, it’s great to have respectable, authoritative websites linking to your site, but for the efforts to truly pay off, the links must derive from contextually relevant pages.

Know What You’re Getting From Your Link Building Provider

We use detailed reporting to ensure clients get a full picture of how their link building investment is paying off each month. In this report, you’ll find out how your campaign is performing and be able to see all the links that have been generated for your website. Want to know more about what we do and how it’s important to what you do? Check out these frequently asked questions.


1. How Are Links Built?

Link building is basically hyperlinking from an outside site to your own site for the purpose of improving your own visibility amongst searchers and search engines.

We use outreach tactics such as these to accomplish link building:

• Pitching authority and relevant websites to feature our clients as a resource on lists, news articles, and blog posts.

• Requesting websites repair any broken links.

• Creating linkable assets, such as content, infographics, or story ideas, that provide linkable portals for our client’s website.

• Use of third-party and proprietary tools to identify potential link prospects who are likely to make a significant impact in our client’s search positioning.

2. Is A Link Building Strategy Necessary?

Your competition is very likely working to improve their own search position. If you’re not putting in the work, too, then it’s probable that it will be them, not you, gaining a searcher’s click.

Any entity with a website should have a link building strategy if they want to keep or improve their search position and remain competitive against others offering the same information, services, or products.

3. How Important Is Link Building To Search Rankings?

For both Bing and Google, links remain a top search engine ranking factor. This means that the links pointing to a website are often what sets it apart, provides a vote of confidence, and vouches that the linked-to site is of importance and relevance.

4. Is There A Difference Between No-Follow and Do-Follow Links?

Yes. Most top publishers automatically place a no-follow destination as part of their standard policy. That said, natural link profiles are a mixture of no-follow and do-follow. Here’s the difference between the two destinations:

• No-follow links – these tell search engines that the website with the link isn’t offering link equity credit, which means they don’t vouch for the authority nor quality of the linked-to website. Think of it like an ‘enter at your own risk’ sign.

• Do-follow links – these tell search engines that the website with the link is vouching for the linked-to website and is offering search engines that link equity credit. Think of it like an endorsement stamp.

5. What’s The Difference Between External Links and Internal Links?

• Internal links are those that point to different pages within the same website, such as a blog post on your website linking back to your website’s contact form.

• External links are those that point from one website to another website, such as a blog post by an independent reviewer linking back to your website’s case study page.

Both types of links have their own time and place. However, when it comes to authority and equity, Google’s algorithm gives more brownie points to external links from a website pointing back at your website than your own internal pages linking to other internal pages.

6. How Long Do Link Building Results Take?

This varies based on your website, industry, niche, link profile starting point, and amount of effort willing to be invested. In general, significant movement typically takes six months or less.

7. What’s So Special About Our Link Building Services?

Heretofore, SEO companies wrote up posts and sold clients that they’d gather websites for linkage. It was a rarely effective process because the SEO service most often didn’t publicize said content. It’s a mistake that leaves a huge gap in links actually materializing for clients.

That’s where we come in the picture with proprietary techniques to get the job done. Our end goal is to materialize the links and placement that will propel our clients to the top of search rankings. We accomplish this by:

• Excelling in outreach to the journalists, bloggers, writers, and webmasters.

• Identifying quality, relevant link targets that will generate authoritative links.

8. What Number Of Links Can Be Expected?

It’s important to understand that most SEO companies offering an endless supply of links are doing so by sacrificing quality for quantity. It ends up being akin to someone offering you 100 radios for a couple of bucks, but the catch is that none have antennas and leave you listening to static.

Having 1,000 low-quality links will most always leave you with a lower ranking than a website with just 10 high-quality links. Why? Google weighs the link source to ensure they’re delivering high-quality search results to their users.

In building links for your website, our eye will always be on the prize, not the number. Once you contact us for a proposal, however, you’ll get an estimate on how many links accompany a specific investment. In most cases, the number of links will be higher than those estimates.

The bottom line is that your results are contingent upon making smart and productive investments. Do you want the room full of radios that don’t function, or do you want a couple of our radios that are dialed in to rock and roll results?

9. What’s The Cost Of Link Building?

Compressive SEO strategy quotes include link building. For link building services as a single strategy, expect to budget anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand each month. The cost greatly depends on the specific needs of your website.

It may sound like a big investment, but remember that the real cost is in a poorly performing website because it doesn’t have reliable and result-driven link building services.

Contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about how our quality work can meet your link building needs.